CIML Metro Cross Country Championships 2018
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10 11 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Type
1834Jackson Haugh00:18:49.84JV Boys XC1Male1JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:03 min/m00:18:49.84
2844Carter Kilgore00:18:51.47JV Boys XC2Male2JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:04 min/m00:18:51.47
3843Jack Joyce00:19:00.37JV Boys XC3Male3JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:07 min/m00:19:00.37
4854Henry Nagle00:19:21.37JV Boys XC4Male4JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:13 min/m00:19:21.37
5815Connor Crabill00:19:31.02JV Boys XC5Male5JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:16 min/m00:19:31.02
6819Marcko Dalay00:19:38.37JV Boys XC6Male6JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:19 min/m00:19:38.37
7839Nick Jackson00:19:41.88JV Boys XC7Male7JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:20 min/m00:19:41.88
8817Matthew Crist00:19:58.11JV Boys XC8Male8JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:25 min/m00:19:58.11
9841Jaden Johnson00:19:58.12JV Boys XC9Male9JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:25 min/m00:19:58.12
10850Tyler Mccormac00:19:58.80JV Boys XC10Male10JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:25 min/m00:19:58.80
11845Mohamed Kordeir00:20:05.61JV Boys XC11Male11JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:28 min/m00:20:05.61
12847Beckett Laprade00:20:06.53JV Boys XC12Male12JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:28 min/m00:20:06.53
13848Forrest Laprade00:20:10.20JV Boys XC13Male13JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:29 min/m00:20:10.20
14871Peter Swanda00:20:11.42JV Boys XC14Male14JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:29 min/m00:20:11.42
15813Alexis Castro00:20:18.57JV Boys XC15Male15JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:32 min/m00:20:18.57
16889Cosmas Nyaika00:20:26.29JV Boys XC16Male16JV Boys XCEast High School3.1076:34 min/m00:20:26.29
17875Theo Whitehead00:20:26.29JV Boys XC17Male17JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:34 min/m00:20:26.29
18846Andy Kramer00:20:30.82JV Boys XC18Male18JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:36 min/m00:20:30.82
19973Quintin Hull00:20:36.72JV Boys XC19Male19JV Boys XCottumwa high school3.1076:38 min/m00:20:36.72
20857Jack Olson00:20:38.54JV Boys XC20Male20JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:38 min/m00:20:38.54
21886Andrew Lamb00:20:45.38JV Boys XC21Male21JV Boys XCEast High School3.1076:40 min/m00:20:45.38
22855Jack Neel00:20:49.35JV Boys XC22Male22JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:42 min/m00:20:49.35
23830Jackson Grant00:20:52.57JV Boys XC23Male23JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:43 min/m00:20:52.57
24790Andres Torres00:20:53.58JV Boys XC24Male24JV Boys XCDes Moines Lincoln3.1076:43 min/m00:20:53.58
25824Bashar Eid00:20:55.43JV Boys XC25Male25JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:44 min/m00:20:55.43
26899Barry Adoobe00:20:56.04JV Boys XC26Male26JV Boys XCHoover3.1076:44 min/m00:20:56.04
27892Christian Roberts00:20:58.09JV Boys XC27Male27JV Boys XCEast High School3.1076:44 min/m00:20:58.09
28977Anthony Reyman00:20:59.60JV Boys XC28Male28JV Boys XCottumwa high school3.1076:45 min/m00:20:59.60
29823Harrison Eckard-Garrett00:21:00.60JV Boys XC29Male29JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:45 min/m00:21:00.60
30773Alex Crimmins00:21:00.75JV Boys XC30Male30JV Boys XCDes Moines Lincoln3.1076:45 min/m00:21:00.75
31849Hayden Mccormac00:21:02.35JV Boys XC31Male31JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:46 min/m00:21:02.35
32772Dominic Caligiuri00:21:03.08JV Boys XC32Male32JV Boys XCDes Moines Lincoln3.1076:46 min/m00:21:03.08
33818Ean Cummings00:21:03.85JV Boys XC33Male33JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:46 min/m00:21:03.85
34825Shane Esposito00:21:04.12JV Boys XC34Male34JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:46 min/m00:21:04.12
35831Noah Gumm00:21:06.36JV Boys XC35Male35JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:47 min/m00:21:06.36
36897Zachary Wallace00:21:06.47JV Boys XC36Male36JV Boys XCEast High School3.1076:47 min/m00:21:06.47
37872Max Swinton00:21:10.77JV Boys XC37Male37JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:49 min/m00:21:10.77
38774Miles Curtis00:21:19.33JV Boys XC38Male38JV Boys XCDes Moines Lincoln3.1076:51 min/m00:21:19.33
39981Mason Young00:21:19.34JV Boys XC39Male39JV Boys XCottumwa high school3.1076:51 min/m00:21:19.34
40832Sam Gumm00:21:19.55JV Boys XC40Male40JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:51 min/m00:21:19.55
41820Mason Delange00:21:21.78JV Boys XC41Male41JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:52 min/m00:21:21.78
42851Ben Mcfetridge00:21:21.97JV Boys XC42Male42JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:52 min/m00:21:21.97
43970Trenton Elliott00:21:30.95JV Boys XC43Male43JV Boys XCottumwa high school3.1076:55 min/m00:21:30.95
44788Tyler Sheldahl00:21:31.16JV Boys XC44Male44JV Boys XCDes Moines Lincoln3.1076:55 min/m00:21:31.16
45816Charlie Craiger00:21:32.10JV Boys XC45Male45JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:55 min/m00:21:32.10
46976Chris Luedtke00:21:32.60JV Boys XC46Male46JV Boys XCottumwa high school3.1076:56 min/m00:21:32.60
47782Kase Murphy00:21:33.02JV Boys XC47Male47JV Boys XCDes Moines Lincoln3.1076:56 min/m00:21:33.02
48858Seth Parry00:21:40.35JV Boys XC48Male48JV Boys XCDes Moines Roosevelt3.1076:58 min/m00:21:40.35
49891Nathan Pendleton00:21:43.62JV Boys XC49Male49JV Boys XCEast High School3.1076:59 min/m00:21:43.62
50878Trenton Burkheimer00:21:44.44JV Boys XC50Male50JV Boys XCEast High School3.1076:59 min/m00:21:44.44
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