West Delaware XC Meet 2016
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10 04 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Type
1278Cole Smith00:11:248th Grade Boys1Male18th Grade BoysGeorge Washington Middle School5:42 min/m
2927Mason Bach00:11:378th Grade Boys2Male28th Grade BoysVernon Middle School/ Marion5:48 min/m
3498Nathan Munshower00:11:428th Grade Boys3Male38th Grade BoysMazzuchelli5:51 min/m
4669Ren Schroud00:11:458th Grade Boys4Male48th Grade BoysRegis/LaSalle5:52 min/m
5389Clark Gabriel00:11:498th Grade Boys5Male58th Grade BoysLinn Mar5:54 min/m
6121Cade Messer00:11:508th Grade Boys6Male68th Grade BoysDrexler Middle and Intermediate School5:55 min/m
7455Poellet Micah00:11:508th Grade Girls1Female18th Grade GirlsLinn Mar5:55 min/m
8418Gilkes Thomas00:11:538th Grade Boys7Male78th Grade BoysLinn Mar5:56 min/m
9279Easton Stackis00:11:597th Grade Boys1Male87th Grade BoysGeorge Washington Middle School5:59 min/m
10264Zenabework (Z) Andrews00:12:018th Grade Boys8Male98th Grade BoysGeorge Washington Middle School6:00 min/m
11378Rstom Carter00:12:058th Grade Boys9Male108th Grade BoysLinn Mar6:02 min/m
12273Connnor Kilgore00:12:068th Grade Boys10Male118th Grade BoysGeorge Washington Middle School6:03 min/m
13169Jacob Konrardy00:12:078th Grade Boys11Male128th Grade BoysEleanor Roosevelt Middle School6:03 min/m
14571Jasper Neitert00:12:088th Grade Boys12Male138th Grade BoysMonticello6:04 min/m
15393Derr Jacob00:12:088th Grade Boys13Male148th Grade BoysLinn Mar6:04 min/m
16268Ryan Connolly00:12:118th Grade Boys14Male158th Grade BoysGeorge Washington Middle School6:05 min/m
17569Connor Lambert00:12:138th Grade Boys15Male168th Grade BoysMonticello6:06 min/m
18160George Holesinger00:12:177th Grade Boys2Male177th Grade BoysEleanor Roosevelt Middle School6:08 min/m
19514Gabby Moran00:12:188th Grade Girls2Female28th Grade GirlsMazzuchelli6:09 min/m
20451Geelan Lillian00:12:208th Grade Girls3Female38th Grade GirlsLinn Mar6:10 min/m
21189Dominic Smith00:12:208th Grade Boys16Male188th Grade BoysEleanor Roosevelt Middle School6:10 min/m
22929Jace Burmeister00:12:238th Grade Boys17Male198th Grade BoysVernon Middle School/ Marion6:11 min/m
23616Cade Siebrecht00:12:277th Grade Boys3Male207th Grade BoysMt. Vernon and Lisbon6:13 min/m
2467Hunter Vogel00:12:278th Grade Boys18Male218th Grade BoysCascade6:13 min/m
25391Kuhn Hayden00:12:287th Grade Boys4Male227th Grade BoysLinn Mar6:14 min/m
261005Brooks Snyder00:12:298th Grade Boys19Male238th Grade BoysWest Delaware Middle School6:14 min/m
27375Brown Caleb00:12:317th Grade Boys5Male247th Grade BoysLinn Mar6:15 min/m
2864Carson Nauman00:12:318th Grade Boys20Male258th Grade BoysCascade6:15 min/m
29911Jack Schissel00:12:347th Grade Boys6Male267th Grade BoysTaft Middle School6:17 min/m
30931Shane Erb00:12:347th Grade Boys7Male277th Grade BoysVernon Middle School/ Marion6:17 min/m
31111Nick Fowler00:12:348th Grade Boys21Male288th Grade BoysDrexler Middle and Intermediate School6:17 min/m
321004Blake Smith00:12:348th Grade Boys22Male298th Grade BoysWest Delaware Middle School6:17 min/m
33902Nicson Franck00:12:378th Grade Boys23Male308th Grade BoysTaft Middle School6:18 min/m
34124Ben Soppe00:12:378th Grade Boys24Male318th Grade BoysDrexler Middle and Intermediate School6:18 min/m
35174Derek Leicht00:12:407th Grade Boys8Male327th Grade BoysEleanor Roosevelt Middle School6:20 min/m
36277Josh Rush00:12:438th Grade Boys25Male338th Grade BoysGeorge Washington Middle School6:21 min/m
37476Micheal Schaul00:12:437th Grade Boys9Male347th Grade BoysMaquoketa Valley Midddle School6:21 min/m
38474Nolan Reis00:12:447th Grade Boys10Male357th Grade BoysMaquoketa Valley Midddle School6:22 min/m
3935Aiden Harris00:12:447th Grade Boys11Male367th Grade BoysBenton Community6:22 min/m
40164Nathan Kaesbauer00:12:447th Grade Boys12Male377th Grade BoysEleanor Roosevelt Middle School6:22 min/m
41271Foster Hull00:12:468th Grade Boys26Male388th Grade BoysGeorge Washington Middle School6:23 min/m
42272Zach Kahle00:12:468th Grade Boys27Male398th Grade BoysGeorge Washington Middle School6:23 min/m
43960Eli Lint00:12:468th Grade Boys28Male408th Grade BoysVinton-Shellsburg6:23 min/m
44420Schmidt Tyler00:12:498th Grade Boys29Male418th Grade BoysLinn Mar6:24 min/m
45939Tanner Shindelar00:12:498th Grade Boys30Male428th Grade BoysVernon Middle School/ Marion6:24 min/m
46191Keegan Steines00:12:498th Grade Boys31Male438th Grade BoysEleanor Roosevelt Middle School6:24 min/m
47192Mason Suarez00:12:508th Grade Boys32Male448th Grade BoysEleanor Roosevelt Middle School6:25 min/m
48439Hartshorne Haley00:12:518th Grade Girls4Female48th Grade GirlsLinn Mar6:25 min/m
49385Krieger Ethan00:12:537th Grade Boys13Male457th Grade BoysLinn Mar6:26 min/m
50640Shayla Tahbo00:12:548th Grade Girls5Female58th Grade GirlsMt. Vernon and Lisbon6:27 min/m
Page 1 of 13 (632 items)