Choose Blue for Autism 5k
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04 23 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
199Jake Robertson00:18:43Run all ages1Male16:01 min/m
261Jared Ponsor00:19:55Run all ages2Male26:24 min/m
326Evan Franzmeier00:20:45Run all ages3Male36:40 min/m
487Romelo Salas00:21:31Run all ages4Male46:55 min/m
594Alan Mills00:21:46Run all ages5Male57:00 min/m
649Andriette Wickstrom00:22:40Run all ages1Female17:17 min/m
7116Thomas Chanthavong00:23:06Run all ages6Male67:26 min/m
889Tyler Moon00:23:43Run all ages7Male77:38 min/m
967Mike Weygand00:24:18Run all ages8Male87:49 min/m
1016Heather Schoon00:24:27Run all ages2Female27:52 min/m
1197Matt Lenzmeirer00:25:03Run all ages9Male98:03 min/m
12102Kayla Hicks00:25:08Run all ages3Female38:05 min/m
13100Celie Kohls00:25:08Run all ages4Female48:05 min/m
14121Casey Nebilt00:26:31Run all ages5Female58:32 min/m
15109Audrey Lichter00:27:07Run all ages6Female68:43 min/m
1618Pamela Fox00:27:12Run all ages7Female78:45 min/m
1736Erin Morley00:27:34Run all ages8Female88:52 min/m
1863Michael Rodiguez00:28:06Run all ages10Male109:02 min/m
19107Kevin Elizalde00:28:13Run all ages11Male119:05 min/m
2020Beth Adams00:28:38Run all ages9Female99:13 min/m
2171Hopw Radke00:28:49Run all ages10Female109:16 min/m
2213Sarah Jewett00:28:57Run all ages11Female119:19 min/m
23103Cara Pedersen00:29:10Run all ages12Female129:23 min/m
24104Ladene Ponsor00:29:11Run all ages13Female139:23 min/m
2565Vinanna Inthongsay00:29:16Run all ages14Female149:25 min/m
2637Mariah Trettin00:29:31Run all ages15Female159:30 min/m
2723Brandon Johnson00:29:36Run all ages12Male129:31 min/m
2838Olivia Tuel00:29:52Run all ages16Female169:36 min/m
299Alma Pastrana00:30:07Run all ages17Female179:41 min/m
3022Araceli Johnson00:30:16Run all ages18Female189:44 min/m
3176Brittany Hach00:30:21Run all ages19Female199:46 min/m
3255Holly Dierenfield00:30:44Run all ages20Female209:53 min/m
33111Marica Castro00:31:18Run all ages21Female2110:04 min/m
3421Kristin Anderson00:32:02Run all ages22Female2210:18 min/m
3554Tracee Dierenfield00:32:22Run all ages23Female2310:25 min/m
36118Heather Needs00:33:30Run all ages24Female2410:47 min/m
376Dulce Escalona00:33:46Run all ages25Female2510:52 min/m
3883Joe Hernandez00:33:46Run all ages13Male1310:52 min/m
3974Joe Nanthadeth00:33:47Run all ages14Male1410:52 min/m
4098Guillermo Hernandez00:33:47Run all ages15Male1510:52 min/m
413Jordan Kane00:34:07Run all ages26Female2610:58 min/m
42106Toni Keller00:35:52Run all ages27Female2711:32 min/m
4319Misty Sanderson00:36:11Run all ages28Female2811:38 min/m
4431Diana Elizabeth Yepez-Gomez00:36:38Run all ages29Female2911:47 min/m
4586David Bounsavath00:37:45Run all ages16Male1612:09 min/m
46115Rick Houseman00:38:03Run all ages17Male1712:15 min/m
4791Andrea Heschke00:39:14Run all ages30Female3012:37 min/m
482Cristena Heschke00:39:15Run all ages31Female3112:38 min/m
4917Lynn Bellows00:39:55Run all ages32Female3212:50 min/m
5075Lynann Burns00:40:53Run all ages33Female3313:09 min/m
Page 1 of 2 (94 items)