Doughnut Run 2015
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04 19 2015
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Cat Pos
Gen Pos
138303Maria Fischer00:32:08 All Ages45Female45
155304Addie Rupp00:32:32 All Ages56Female56
212305Rae Feddersen00:40:21 All Ages93Female93
185306Jessie Alt00:35:02 All Ages77Female77
92309Evan Fritz00:28:13 All Ages71Male71
245310Emelie Curl00:53:09 All Ages114Female114
224311Alex Nowak00:53:09 All Ages125Male125
244312Alex Schulte00:53:09 All Ages131Male131
204301Kimberly Ayers00:38:14 All Ages88Female88
222321Debbie Cavender00:43:04 All Ages99Female99
64323Tina Stanley00:25:47 All Ages13Female13
226324Lori Dalton00:44:57 All Ages101Female101
196318Karen Johlas-Szalkowski00:36:33 All Ages84Female84
259326Lindsey Pepper01:02:16 All Ages124Female124
93337Sandi Schnetter00:28:15 All Ages22Female22
52345Kim Gymer00:25:26 All Ages9Female9
136352Monica Reising00:31:15 All Ages43Female43
126353Heather Bedingfield00:30:36 All Ages37Female37
47354Courtney Eggers00:25:12 All Ages6Female6
184355jill crosser00:34:48 All Ages76Female76
255365Dani Perrigo00:57:59 All Ages121Female121
242370Shelley Bair00:52:21 All Ages112Female112
156384Joanna Myers00:32:39 All Ages57Female57
81385Stephanie Myers00:27:01 All Ages18Female18
66386Geoffrey Williams00:25:51 All Ages53Male53
26387Jonathon Williams00:22:08 All Ages24Male24
61392Corinn Rathbun00:26:27 All Ages12Female12
24393Dominick Arce00:22:06 All Ages22Male22
54394Isabelle Arce00:25:32 All Ages10Female10
83395Kevin Moss00:27:48 All Ages65Male65
142396Robin McNeely00:31:31 All Ages49Female49
143397Joli Vollers00:31:31 All Ages50Female50
94398Stacy Renfro00:28:32 All Ages23Female23
140399Lynn Bagley00:31:27 All Ages47Female47
91400Darrell DeWinter00:28:04 All Ages70Male70
107401Thomas Reis00:29:47 All Ages78Male78
139389Kristan Giddings00:31:24 All Ages46Female46
260390Ryan Anderson01:02:19 All Ages136Male136
60408Erik Stumpf00:25:41 All Ages49Male49
121419Tanner Lewis00:30:10 All Ages87Male87
120424William McAlpine00:30:09 All Ages86Male86
210429Jordan Bates00:38:55 All Ages91Female91
114578Kristi Spoth00:29:58 All Ages31Female31
252432Richard Spoth00:56:37 All Ages134Male134
213433Bri Nobiling00:39:13 All Ages94Female94
152436Jamie Hamilton00:33:13 All Ages53Female53
36438Rodney Bagley00:23:29 All Ages32Male32
166446Alvin Ravenscroft00:34:18 All Ages103Male103
134449Diane Jones00:31:13 All Ages41Female41
183451Jacob Eggers00:34:48 All Ages108Male108
Page 1 of 6 (260 items)

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