Lynville-Sully Invitation Cross Country Meet
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09 14 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Type
Team Pos
Pos in Team *
2006Lilie Vansice00:13:09Junior High Girls17Female17Junior High GirlsBaxter High School 1
2007Lawson Marks00:14:18Junior High Boys50Male50Junior High BoysBaxter High School 1
2013Brenna Thomson00:21:37High School Girls3Female70High School GirlsBaxter High School21
2022Logan Berg00:17:57High School Boys2Male61High School BoysBaxter High School61
2034Carter Gibson00:11:01Junior High Boys3Male3Junior High BoysColfax-Mingo31
2039Kirsten Frier00:13:22Junior High Girls19Female19Junior High GirlsColfax-Mingo 1
2059Cauy Fitch00:19:05High School Boys7Male67High School BoysColfax-Mingo91
2062Abbey Mcconeghey00:21:52High School Girls4Female71High School GirlsColfax-Mingo61
2080Ethan Haus00:11:03Junior High Boys4Male4Junior High BoysCollins-Maxwell51
2087Alexis Houge00:12:07Junior High Girls4Female4Junior High GirlsCollins-Maxwell31
2095Mikayla Houge00:24:00High School Girls20Female87High School GirlsCollins-Maxwell71
2102Carter Fricke00:19:00High School Boys6Male66High School BoysCollins-Maxwell81
2119Kenny Cronin00:19:21High School Boys12Male72High School BoysDavis County41
2136Sophie Spargur00:24:32High School Girls23Female90High School GirlsDavis County51
2146Ethan Davis00:10:14Junior High Boys1Male1Junior High BoysEddyville Blakesburg Fremont11
2160Madysen Wade00:25:12High School Girls28Female95High School GirlsEddyville Blakesburg Fremont81
2177D.J. Stout00:19:08High School Boys8Male68High School BoysEddyville Blakesburg Fremont31
2188Carly Stanerson00:11:35Junior High Girls1Female1Junior High GirlsEnglish Valleys21
2189Bryson Grove00:11:15Junior High Boys7Male7Junior High BoysEnglish Valleys 1
2194Jacob Glandon00:19:33High School Boys15Male75High School BoysEnglish Valleys 1
2195Brooke Coffman00:26:51High School Girls43Female110High School GirlsEnglish Valleys91
2199Mason Fruendt00:23:31High School Boys80Male140High School BoysHLV 1
2201Greenlee Smock00:12:40Junior High Girls12Female12Junior High GirlsLynnville-Sully 1
2204James Gruver00:11:17Junior High Boys8Male8Junior High BoysLynnville-Sully61
2224Mary Kate Shaver00:22:02High School Girls6Female73High School GirlsLynnville-Sully41
2225Josh Dunsbergen00:21:43High School Boys49Male109High School BoysLynnville-Sully111
2226Taylor Sylvester00:19:00Junior High Girls62Female62Junior High GirlsMelcher-Dallas 1
2227J'lyn Knutson00:22:52High School Girls11Female78High School GirlsMelcher-Dallas 1
2230Emery Sage00:20:54High School Boys33Male93High School BoysMelcher-Dallas 1
2233Kayleigha Groenendyk00:13:49Junior High Girls23Female23Junior High GirlsMontezuma Community Schools41
2236Owen Cook00:11:11Junior High Boys6Male6Junior High BoysMontezuma Community Schools 1
2239Elise Boulton00:22:00High School Girls5Female72High School GirlsMontezuma Community Schools101
2241Brayden Stockman00:19:41High School Boys17Male77High School BoysMontezuma Community Schools51
2260Hannah Starr00:30:26High School Girls85Female152High School GirlsMoravia 1
2266Addison Schilling00:12:52Junior High Girls14Female14Junior High GirlsNorth Mahaska 1
2267Garrett Lamb00:12:32Junior High Boys29Male29Junior High BoysNorth Mahaska 1
2264Carson Underwood00:28:25High School Boys123Male183High School BoysMoravia 1
2272Cheyenne Shaw00:22:26High School Girls8Female75High School GirlsNorth Mahaska 1
2275Isaac Knockel00:21:03High School Boys37Male97High School BoysNorth Mahaska 1
2278Juan Sanchez00:10:55Junior High Boys2Male2Junior High BoysNorth Tama 1
2279Logan Kennedy00:23:11High School Boys74Male134High School BoysNorth Tama 1
2280Molly Kvidera00:24:36High School Girls25Female92High School GirlsNorth Tama111
2287Rylee Devore00:12:45Junior High Girls13Female13Junior High GirlsPCM 1
2291Caden Bouwkamp00:12:03Junior High Boys22Male22Junior High BoysPCM 1
2304Kirstin Ives00:22:49High School Girls10Female77High School GirlsPCM31
2317Jason Stafford00:19:19High School Boys11Male71High School BoysPCM71
2338Remi Duwa00:22:06High School Girls7Female74High School GirlsPekin High School11
2344Colten Glosser00:17:52High School Boys1Male60High School BoysPekin High School11
2441Makenzie Dahlstromá00:11:38Junior High Girls2Female2Junior High GirlsPekin Middle11
2435Quinton Gainesá00:11:30Junior High Boys10Male10Junior High BoysPekin Middle21
Page 1 of 8 (389 items)